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Where have I seen that phrase before?
Home is someplace else, not here, not where I am at.
In fact I can’t say I have ever been home in a place.
But, I have been home from time to time.
Usually unexpectedly, like a Sunset or a beautiful sight.
Something that stops my constant thought process in it’s tracks
Occasionally by a shock, which has left me immobile.
Once by a kid in need, I was walking along, going where I was going,  minding my own business, lost in my thoughts and this kid was there, crying, in obvious distress, lost and looking pretty helpless. I stopped, both literally and mentally. What  I had been doing, what I had been previously  thinking, was suddenly irrelevant.
The only thing that mattered was this kid’s distress and making him happier. I got into gear, went into problem solving mode, I located the parent and got them back together. Momma picked the kid up and comforted him, he stopped crying and looked at me.
I don’t know what he was thinking, but that glance was all the thank you that I needed. I was hooked. I liked the feeling of helping another. It felt like home. It felt worthwhile.
I want more of that. I can’t spend my days looking for lost kids. How do I get back into the space I was in? That’s the path that eventually led me to Buddhism.

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