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As smooth as silk and as soft as cashmere, bamboo sheets are rapidly becoming today’s luxury bedding choice. Why Bamboo? Well they are machine washable, and their soft silky feel is enhanced with each washing. Bamboo blended sheets will surprise you! Unbelievable? It may seem strange if you have not slept on bamboo sheets or tried other products of bamboo fabric, but when bamboo grass is spun into fabric is quite literally is like a blend of silk and cashmere.

Further more did you know that bamboo sheets are actually temperature regulating? That’s right! Bamboo fabric naturally stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it the perfect choice for luxury sheets. Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and allergen free. People worldwide are switching from cotton to luxury bamboo sheets and bedding.

Bamboo Sheets Review

When Bamboo fibers are blended with Egyptian cotton the result is quite heavenly. You see bamboo fibers are as soft as silk and naturally breathable. They are an eco-friendly fiber. It does not pill, so the silky softness lasts and lasts and lasts. It feels cool in the summer and warm in winter. You will love sleeping on this fantastic luxury bedding. This new blended creation is a luxurious fusion of bamboo cotton with Egyptian cotton. These sheets consist of 60% of Bamboo & 40% Egyptian cotton, which makes this new product in a class above the rest. While many of us are used to Egyptian cotton sheets, this new blend creates a meeting place of both old and new, softness and luxury.

Hey if you are going to spend one third of your life asleep, why not sleep on luxury bedding! But beware, lying on these cozy bamboo-blended sheets you may not want to get out of bed.

But wait! Bamboo sheets aren’t just heavenly to sleep on. They are also environmentally conscious! Really they are! This should be an important factor in making any decision; bamboo sheets are made from one of the world’s fastest growing, greenest, most renewable resource…bamboo! Did you know that bamboo plants could grow up to a foot per day! There is really no worry about deforestation. Also another great factor: Bamboo can grow so thick and dense; a bamboo forest has around 40% more biomass than a regular hardwood forest. So that is 40% more carbon-reducing power!

As for pesticides and herbicides and other nasty chemicals, bamboo simply doesn’t need them. This makes bamboo a naturally organic product. Not like cotton. Even though cotton is a natural fiber, cotton production is an unnatural process that uses more pounds of chemicals per pound of cotton than any other crop!

Still need more? Well bamboo sheets are also the vegan/animal friendly choice for luxury. Not like cashmere or silk. This means you can sleep in peace knowing no animals were harmed for you to sleep on your luxurious bamboo sheet set.

The final conclusion when you go to sleep tonight why not pamper yourself in luxury? Lay down in the soft feel that only quality blended bamboo and Egyptian cotton bedding has. Go ahead you deserve it!

Bamboo sheets are not your normal 800 thread count bed sheets. Bamboo sheets are not only comfortable but they’re designed to be the most luxurious sheets for your bed as well as your guest bedroom. Bamboo sheets have a large amount of natural antibacterial resistance. In addition to the antibacterial qualities, they are also very antifungal. This antifungal property is a natural way for the bamboo forest to protect itself from bugs and other vermin that would consume the plants before they reached maturity.

In recent testing by the China Industrial Testing Center, it was discovered that bamboo sheets kill 98.8% of bacteria after 24 hours. These strange-but-true sheets are not only antibacterial and antifungal, they’re also renewable. Since they’re made from a 100% renewable resource, bamboo, you’re using an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton, nylon and rayon sheets. In addition the antifungal and antibacterial qualities and since bamboo is a natural repellent of pests and bugs, no pesticides are needed in the growth or cultivation of bamboo plants. This keeps them as natural and safe as possible.

People who sleep on bamboo sheets compare them to silk, but always not that the bamboo sheets are not as slippery as the silk sheets, but just as soft. Bamboo is a unique insulator as well. In the winter, they will insulate and keep you warm, and in the summer time they draw heat away from your body and keep you cool. Bamboo bed sheets are available in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. You will definitely be able to find any combination of color, bed size and thickness. If you’re like me, you like a light color bed sheet that is very thin.

Bamboo is as thin as silk without the slipperiness of those silk bed sheets.

After reading the benefits of bamboo bedsheets, most people ask one question, “How much do they cost?”, and they expect bamboo sheets to be 4 to 5 times more expensive that regular cotton sheets. After looking at the actual price of bamboo and cotton, you’ll find they’re very close to the same. I did a price search for 600 thread count Queen cotton sheets and 600 thread count Queen bamboo sheets. The cotton ranged from $39-99 for a queen set of sheets including two pillow cases. The bamboo sheets ranged from $79-109 for the exact same setup including two pillow cases. If you generally buy the cheapest bedding you can find, the cotton is still going to be cheaper. If, however, you generally buy in the middle of the road, or towards the top end of sheets, bamboo will be almost the same in price when compared to cotton.

A single problem I’ve found is that bamboo sheets are hard to find in stores. I’ve looked at large retailers like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and Costco. None of them had any bamboo bed sheets in stock, but you can always find them online. After looking at enough reviews at different retailers, I knew that bamboo sheets were for me. Without discussing it with my wife, I ordered a set for us. When they came in, I put them on the bed and didn’t tell her. That night she laid down in the bed and said, “Something is wrong with our sheets!” I said, “What’s wrong?” My wife said, “These aren’t the same sheets I slept on last night, they’re softer and more comfortable!” If that’s not enough proof, give it your own test and see if your significant other can tell the difference! bamboo sheets

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Bamboo Bedding

If you have trouble sleeping, organic bamboo bedding might be what you are looking for. Many people are reluctant to switch up their traditional bedding for something different. Thinking that it doesn’t make a difference is a big mistake. Bamboo material is soft, naturally anti-bacterial, and breathable. Your bed should be the most relaxing place in your home. While choosing the right mattress is important, don’t underestimate the benefits of using high quality bedding.

There is a big difference between ordinary cotton sheets and organic bedding from bamboo. It brings you closer to nature and provides incredible comfort. Cotton can feel heavy and rough on your skin. Bedding from bamboo, on the other hand, is very light and feels more like silk. Its texture is much more pleasant to the touch than cotton.

You might picture tall and tough stalks when you think of Bamboo. However, bedding made from this exotic plant has very different properties. It is made out of viscose extracted from bamboo just like fibers are extracted from cotton. It is then turned into thread and refined into silky-smooth fabric. The finished product is very different from the plant it started out as.

The major advantage to using organic bedding is that it is so much softer than cotton. Many people compare it to Egyptian cotton sheets and some say that it is even softer. If you have sensitive skin that needs special care, having soft and silky sheets can make all the difference.

Bamboo sheets can absorb moisture much better than cotton. If you happen to sweat at night for any reason, they will keep your comfortable and dry without you waking up. Even on a really hot night, bamboo sheets will stay cool and dry.

Another benefit to using organic bamboo bedding is that it is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. For one thing pesticides are never used on bamboo, so they never need to be removed in the production of bedding from bamboo. This is not the case with cotton, which often comes with a label that it is pesticide free. Organic bamboo material is as close to nature as you can get. Bamboo bedding retains its anti-bacterial properties through many washes. It can guard you against any unwelcome intruders such as bed mites. People with sensitive skin will feel much better using naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic sheets. They are also great for babies that can be susceptible to bacteria and rashes.

There are many benefits to using organic bamboo material. Unlike cotton, no harmful ingredients are used in making it. It is very soft, silky, and light. Using bamboo bedding can ensure that you get restful sleep every night.

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Why Choose Bamboo Bedding

Bamboo is a very versatile plant. Known to be the fastest growing grass, it can be harvested every three years without the need for irrigation or replanting. Compared to cotton, bamboo crops not only yield 10 times more harvest material but also it is a much more sustainable crop. Being that bamboo is a versatile plant material, there are many uses of bamboo in today’s society. Bamboo bed sheets are beginning to grow in popularity. The reason being is that many people find there are several benefits to using bamboo bedding.

Bamboo bed sheets are very popular among earth conscious individuals. Bedding made from bamboo is completely eco-friendly and organic. The sheets are biodegradable and are made using 100% natural resources. The bamboo plant grows very quickly and repels insects quite naturally. Because of this, there is no need for fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides. In addition, even if the bamboo plant were used excessively, there would be no negative impact to the environment. This makes bamboo a renewable resource. With bamboo bed sheets, they have a very satin-like look and touch. This is due to the organic process where the bamboo fibers are converted into cloth. Because they are so soft, there is a large market of infant bamboo bed sheets available. Bamboo is soothing and safe for a baby’s delicate skin.

Some people choose bamboo sheets because they are highly absorbent. For those who sweat excessively in their sleep, they find bamboo bed sheets more comfortable because of its absorbent properties. Being too hot and sweating while sleeping can disturb a person’s rest. Therefore, when using sheets made from bamboo, not only does the individual sleep more comfortably, but they also sleep more. For anyone who lives in warm climates or lives in a location where summer temperatures are extremely high, bamboo sheets are perfect for a good night’s rest.

Allergy sufferers can benefit from using bamboo bedding because they are hypoallergenic. People bothered by the heat that comes from satin or silk sheets, can use bamboo sheets while enjoying the same silky softness without the allergies. And some people are allergic to cotton dust, which can make finding adequate bed sheets frustrating. Because bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, there is no need to worry about allergies being triggered while using the sheets.

One of the most beneficial and widely touted selling points regarding bamboo bed sheets is they are antibacterial. As stated earlier, bamboo naturally repels insects and because of this, there is no need to use pesticides on bamboo crops. Even after the fibers have been converted into material, they retain their natural antibacterial agent. Several research studies have been done to test the antimicrobial and antibacterial efficacy of bamboo bedding. And it has been proven that after 50 industrial washings these natural antibacterial and antimicrobial agents still exist within the fibers.

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Sensual Bamboo Sheets

As smooth as cotton and as soft as cashmere, bamboo sheets are swiftly ending up being today’s deluxe bed linens option. Why Bamboo? Well they are machine washable, and their soft smooth feel is enhanced with each cleaning. Organic bamboo sheets will amaze you! Unbelievable? It could seem unusual if you have actually not slept on bamboo sheets or tried various other products of bamboo textile, but when bamboo plants are converted in to fabric is very literally is like a mix of cotton and cashmere.Additionally a lot more did you understand that bamboo sheets are actually temperature moderating? That’s ideal! Bamboo material naturally remains awesome in the summer season and cozy in the winter season, making it the excellent option for high-end sheets. Bamboo textile is naturally anti-bacterial and allergen free of cost. People worldwide are switching from cotton to luxury bamboo sheets and bed linen.

When Bamboo fibers are blended with Egyptian cotton the outcome is quite heavenly. You see bamboo fibers are as soft as silk and normally breathable. They are an eco-friendly fiber. It does not pill, so the sleek softness lasts and lasts and lasts. It feels awesome in the summer and cozy in winter. You will certainly love resting on this superb deluxe bedding. This new mixed creation is an extravagant fusion of bamboo cotton with Egyptian cotton. These bedding consist of 60 % of Bamboo & 40 % Egyptian cotton, makings this brand-new item in a course above the rest. While many of us are used to Egyptian cotton sheets, this new mix creates a gathering place of both aged and brand-new, gentleness and luxury.

Hello if you are going to spend one 3rd of your life asleep, why not sleep on luxury bed linens! However beware, pushing these comfy bamboo-blended sheets you could not wish to rise.

However hang around! Bamboo sheets aren’t just heavenly to rest on. They are likewise ecologically mindful! Actually they are! This need to be an important consider making any kind of choice; bamboo sheets are made from one of the globe’s fastest increasing, greenest, most eco-friendly resource … bamboo! Did you know that bamboo plants could possibly grow up to a foot per day! There is really no worry about denuding. Additionally another terrific element: Bamboo could grow so thick and thick; a bamboo forest has about 40 % more biomass compared to a regular hardwood woodland. So that is 40 % additional carbon-reducing power!

When it comes to pesticides and herbicides and various other unpleasant chemicals, bamboo simply doesn’t require them. This makes bamboo a normally natural product. Not like cotton. Despite the fact that cotton is a natural fiber, cotton manufacturing is an abnormal procedure that makes use of much more pounds of chemicals per pound of cotton than any other crop!

Still require additional info? Well bamboo sheets are likewise the vegan/animal friendly option for deluxe. Not like cashmere or silk. This means you can sleep in peace understanding no animals were damaged for you to rest on your extravagant bamboo sheet established.

The final verdict when you go to sleep today why not indulge yourself in luxury? Lie in the soft feel that only high quality blended bamboo and Egyptian cotton bedding has. Go on you deserve it!

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Bamboo Duvet Covers

So you’ve opted to purchase natural items that will work in consistency with your values. You eat organic meals and workout consistently. Now it’s time to come up with the room where you invest one-third of your life and normally, you want it to be as natural and healthy and balanced as it can be. To make an organic room, the emphasis needs to be to ward off outdated, hot, and allergenic bed linens and accept all-natural and organic bed linen. Organic and organic bed linen is not just better for the setting because the products are raised and made without damaging chemicals, but the fibers give terrific comfort to you, your kids, your sleeping partner, and even your grandparents.

Sleep on a much more organic bamboo duvet cover

A Bamboo bed linen is useful to those who deal with warm flashes or night perspirations. The average individual sends out concerning 400 milliliters water every evening. In all other bed linens, that dampness is soaked up into the bed linen and trapped between you and your sheets creating severe overheating. Bamboo on the various other hand wicks that moisture far from the body and out of the bed linen, keeping you much more comfortable relaxing and never ever also hot. Additionally, bamboo sheets made without dyes and chemical bleaches are softer and gentler to your skin, a wonderful alleviation to individuals dealing with asthma, warm flashes, evening perspirations, or allergies.

Examine your bamboo bed linen

Lots of have actually involved count on bamboo duvet covers every evening for its superior comfort, anti-microbial homes, and dampness wicking capacities. Nonetheless, those transformed to the superiority of bamboo linens frequently locate themselves muddle-headed when buying a comforter, ultimately needing to choose the large box sellers’ aged and wheelsed down feather or cotton-poly filled comforters. These out-of-date comforters prevent the advantages of bamboo linens and bamboo slabs since they dominate the insulation on your bed, presenting microbe-friendly and humidity nurturing textiles and packing.

All-time low Line

You’re sleep is as well significant and it costs doing the research and making a purchase that will concentrate to remove airborne allergens like dust mites, plant pollen, mold and mildew, mildew, bacteria, infections, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that interfere with sleep and could present lasting wellness problems. So, when you are in the marketplace for brand-new natural comforter, bear in mind a natural comforter, especially made from bamboo, is not just superior to down in wellness benefits and temperature rule, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial however also eco-friendly and the greatest in client fulfillment. Do not choose an outdated, hot, and allergenic bed linens, you’re sleep is absolutely among the most treasure things you have.

Bamboo Towels

What About Bamboo Towels

There is little worse than getting out of the tub or shower and drying yourself off with a cotton towel. Ok, that’s whining, but you get the idea. Not only do you not dry off soggily, you irritate your skin and have lots of frustration. Bamboo towels are probably just the ticket, especially if you have sensitive skin, you will want to try bamboo.

Bamboo bedding and towels

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Where have I seen that phrase before?
Home is someplace else, not here, not where I am at.
In fact I can’t say I have ever been home in a place.
But, I have been home from time to time.
Usually unexpectedly, like a Sunset or a beautiful sight.
Something that stops my constant thought process in it’s tracks
Occasionally by a shock, which has left me immobile.
Once by a kid in need, I was walking along, going where I was going,  minding my own business, lost in my thoughts and this kid was there, crying, in obvious distress, lost and looking pretty helpless. I stopped, both literally and mentally. What  I had been doing, what I had been previously  thinking, was suddenly irrelevant.
The only thing that mattered was this kid’s distress and making him happier. I got into gear, went into problem solving mode, I located the parent and got them back together. Momma picked the kid up and comforted him, he stopped crying and looked at me.
I don’t know what he was thinking, but that glance was all the thank you that I needed. I was hooked. I liked the feeling of helping another. It felt like home. It felt worthwhile.
I want more of that. I can’t spend my days looking for lost kids. How do I get back into the space I was in? That’s the path that eventually led me to Buddhism.

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